We are passionate about doing our bit for the environment, and are always looking for ways to do better. 

Things We Do Now


  • Our electricity is supplied by a company using 100% sustainable energy
  • We’ve improved the insulation in both castle and cottage
  • Water in the castle is heated by air-source heat
  • Water in the cottage is heated instantly using electricity from 100% renewable energy
  • We have changed the central heating system in the cottage from oil to electricity from renewable sources 
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Energy efficient light bulbs
  • Wood for fire places and wood burning stoves is sourced from tree surgeon’s off-cuts and our own pruning, seasoned rather than kiln dried


  • We use eco friendly, biodegradable cleaning materials
  • Part of our land has been left to re-wild itself as a sanctuary for animals and insects
  • We use no weedkillers or pesticides
  • Food for birds is provided throughout the year
  • We have planted hundreds of plants that provide food and sanctuary for birds and insects
  • We grow our own Christmas trees, which are then recycled into wood chips and compost for use in the grounds
  • There are books in our library on local fauna and flora


  • We buy everything second hand where possible in order to minimise our impact
  • All of our duvets and pillows (OK these we bought new)  are made from recycled plastic bottles
  • We recycle everything we can and provide facilities for our guests to do so too
  • The toilet rolls we provide are made from 100% recycled paper
  • The toilet in the cottage uses water from the sink to fill the cistern


  • We support small local businesses 
  • The caterers we recommend source their ingredients locally
  • We do regular litter picks

Things We Are Planning

  • Convert to an environmentally friendly heating system for the main house (big job!)
  • Install solar panels; this can’t be on the buildings due to their listing status, so we will have to find another way
  • Install a facility to harvest biogas from composting to supplement heating or electricity 
  • Once we are allowed, to host events for the local community