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Things we’ve been up to this week – 1st May 2021

The rest of our leaner mirrors arrived and they look fabulous. Andy started installing the new sink in the cottage kitchen, installed the shower door in the cottage bathroom, birdproofed chimneys, re-enabled the fire alarm in the cottage (big step, yay!), extended the hose to reach the orchard and along with Iain and Tricia levelled […]

The Journey Begins (somewhere in the middle)

The Journey Begins (somewhere in the middle) The whole family in front of Monkton House

https://youtu.be/Y5-HO3dor_Q Not really the beginning of the journey at all, because a lot of work went on before we got the keys! However, most of that is pretty boring and involving things like planning permission, delays and lots of auctions, so our Once Upon A Time started on the 14th July 2020. It was during […]