Things we’ve been up to this week – 1st May 2021

The rest of our leaner mirrors arrived and they look fabulous.

Andy started installing the new sink in the cottage kitchen, installed the shower door in the cottage bathroom, birdproofed chimneys, re-enabled the fire alarm in the cottage (big step, yay!), extended the hose to reach the orchard and along with Iain and Tricia levelled out the orchard ground (somewhat).

Iain trimmed and rehung the wardrobe door in the cottage bedroom, tidied up one of the workshops, and caulked and sealed the cottage bathroom.

Tricia did lots of gardening and along with Anna moved and filled some planters. Anna, Tricia, her sister Joyce and niece Susan (Andy’s cousin) cleared a lot of brambles in front of the sitooterie and planted up a flower bed in front of half of it.

Anna met Vanessa from &munch, who organise street food, catering and bars, to check out access and what trailers or trucks could fit in the various spaces. She finished stencilling the hall floor, started painting the small cottage bedroom, bought some fabulous pre-loved curtains from The Curtain Agency, reseeded lawn in the orchard, and wrestled extensively with the rules around weddings during Covid times.

We feel like we’re starting to get somewhere, which is just as well, because our first bookings are in a few weeks and we’ve got a fully booked summer!

That’s all for this week folks, see you next week.

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